Maya Play Park - Avalon Resort & SPA

Maya Play Park

Avalon Park provides plenty of opportunities for the entertainment of even the youngest children at a 2,500 square meter, unique play park with a "Mayan design". The various dexterity, climbing, jumping elements and slides provide an excellent, safe and diverse pastime for children who have a great need for exercise.

The Maya Play Park features diverse, enjoyable, and challenging play devices which get children to move - such as a suspended ball swing, doughnut slide, spider tower, shooting arena, motor track and rope swing.

Children entering the park forget all about their sense of time and their parents and fully give into playing.

The Maya Play Park also provides a wide range of seasonal children's events (Easter, Summering, Children's Day, Halloween, St. Nicholas Day).

The Maya Play Park is also the perfect location for hosting birthday parties. All parents wish to make this day unforgettable for their children. The Avalon Park team will do its best to make sure the children's Big Day is a happy and eventful occasion.

Dear guests,

We would like to inform you that on children's day, 31st May, 2020, the price of a child ticket (above 2 years) is 1500 HUF instead of 2500 HUF. On this day our 1=2 discount and our gokart voucher for buying 3 or more children tickets is not valid. We give a token and a Maya bottle as a gift next to each ticket.

Opening hours:

every day 10:00-20:00

Telelephone number: +36-46/200-244